Waleska Ruschel (Brazil)1; Samira Poffo (Brazil)1

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Waleska Ruschel
Independent Illustrator and Animation teacher, Bacharel of Visual Arts by UDESC – Universidade Estadual de Santa Catarina, Author of the comic Nível Zero published by Editora Estronho, Creator and writer for Tuca o Mestre Cuca, brazilian animation series in production by Belli Studio. Currently head of education for Escola Lápis Lab, a constant enthusiast for early animation education and its possibilities.

Samira Poffo
Visual artist, art educator. master animation student. Graduated in Visual Arts, at Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil, currently master’s student in Animation Arts at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal. Researching connections between art, animation and education.



The animation scene in Brazil has been under considerable changes in recent years, increasing the need for a nation-wide education structure on the subject.
In order to comprehend the landscape of introductory animation training and what is necessary to supply the Brazilian production, a comparative analysis between Brazil and North America was carried out. The references were selected based on the education structures in animation in such countries, including a solid historical development regarding animation schooling, and a well established market in the area. The investigation focus was middle school aged children, with an emphasis on introductory, non professional courses.
Seeking the nourishment of an environment that allows cultural development and professional qualification in the immediate future, we observed that early animation education generates strong impact in the field visibility by the general population, and promotes investment and following development. The analysis allowed observation of the lacking points in the current structure, and how animation as a field of knowledge and education to young Brazilians would strongly benefit from a fully coordinated and organized structure.
After one hundred years of existence, animation in Brazil continues to flourish in unique ways. Planning and research focused on beginner education will open the paths to a more encompassing cycle of development that in turn strengthens the market, research and innovation.

Palavras-chave: Early Animation Education, Introduction to animation, Brazilian animation, Elementary school animation

1 – Waleska Ruschel (Brazil)

2 – Samira Poffo (Brazil)

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