Davide Benvenuti (Singapore)

1 – Nanyang Technogical University ADM school of art design and media

Davide Benvenuti
Davide Benvenuti is an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University Singapore since January 2013.
Among his credit list:
“Assassin Creed Black Flag”, “Assassin Creed III”,” Assassin Creed Revelation”; “Assassin Creed II” (Ubisoft Singapore); “Sinbad Legend of the seven seas”; “Sprit stallion of the Cimarron” with Dreamworks feature animation
With Disney animation Australia he worked on direct to DVD titles and feature film including “The jungle Book II”,” Peter Pan Return to Nederland”, and “Bambi and the great Prince of the forest”.
Prior to his engagement in Australia he worked in Italy for many local TV shows and advertising.
He contributed to the animation for Enzo D’Alo’ feature films “How the Toys Saved Christmas” and “Opopomoz”.


The iPads has made his way into the classroom since it first appeared in 2010, but only in late 2015, with the introduction of the Apple Pencil, this devise has became a feasible alternative to high-end graphic tablets.
Evidently there is little empirical data on the impact on teaching and learning, more so when one considers advanced animation techniques .
This paper presents the findings of a 3-year study where the device, together with the pencil is given to students as part of the toolset to be used in an advanced 2D animation course .
This becomes a particular compelling case study as students are allowed to use analog alongside digital tools, demonstrating the impact that an interactive animation sketchbook makes into the class deliverable and on students teacher interaction.
I will highlight the positive effect that this experiment has demonstrated; showcasing animation outcomes and new workflows that emerge once a new technology is introduced, and how this can be associated with an increased involvement, ownership of the students learning and drastic reduction on software learning curve.
I will share the data collected through lesson observations and perception surveys. This will be combined with a detail account that examines the evolution of the project; from a small experiment to an established strategy for a digital animation classroom and beyond: as students take advantage of the inherited portability and flexibility of the IPad for their own personal projects.

Palavras-chave: IPad, Digital Animation, Virtual classroom, 2D animation

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