Charles Da Costa (Australia)

1 – Queensland University of Technology,

Charles Da Costa
Currently based in Australia, his scholarly work focuses on the theory and practice nexus in animation. A global citizen, Charles has lived and worked in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Antarctica amongst other terrain. He reflects by reading and playing the bass.


The production of syndicated animation in Africa has been challenging for all sorts of reasons. However, a vibrant culture of satire and political cartoons has always thrived. African
socialscapesi are awash with vibrant localized interpretative memes. Democratization of media, arising from the accessibility that affordable new digital platforms avail, has enabled
a happy union of limitedii animation, what I would call scavenger animation and political cartoons. The resulting synergy means that subjects and topics once deemed problematic or
costly are deftly satirized and disseminated swiftly, at little or no cost. The effervescent short shorts have created cultures of expectation and dependency in some social circles. Frequently delivered via mixed platters of original art and syndicated western cartoons clips these works reflect new digital freedom, which has in turn birthed an interest in the study of Animation, Interactive Game Development and affiliated digital specialisms. This paper casts a light on a fascinating new cultural phenomenon and provides forum to discuss the opportunities it unveils for training, collaboration and production.
i Social Media environments
ii ‘Planned’ animation according to Hanna and Barbera

Palavras-chave: Scavenger Animation, Limited Animation, Socialscapes, Satire

Charles Da Costa (Australia)

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